Infinity Resounds

Not past this day —
Who knows about this life.

What do we become when our
Hearts cease beating?
While they do,
Our eyes gaze landscapes,
Our legs cross bridges,
Emotion washes through the ocean
Of our spirit in waves —
Within our minds, infinity Resounds.


Where do we choose to go.
What do we see.
Do we choose to fill our soul
With love,
Inspired by the day.
The world melts in grey as a
Post rain canvas;
I see splashes of color as
Smiles and flowers;
Hands waving bye, a sparkle in
Her eye,
Reflected in the puddles and
Mirrors of the station

It’s so strange ain’t it,
How we choose to see.
Who we go and be.
At any point we can

Let go.

It’s a new day.

I scribble as I sit on a bike Stand by the
I didn’t come here
For this —
I came here and the post said
Come sit.
Watch the world for a while.
Open your heart.

I like to be outside
As the sun goes down.
I feel like I’m missing
Something if I’m not.
The sun makes me grateful for
The rain,
The rain makes me
Cherish the sun.
How I love the rain.
An interplay of vibes —
Music & feeling,
Love & depth,
All within the self.
It’s all here —
Music in my ears,
A cool breeze,
Infinity resounds through the
Sky of me.

I love this city.
It gives me energy.
I drift along its canals of
Water and people
As the dusk light
Paints Osaka gold.
It helps me think — see — feel.

We exist.
That’s pretty damn cool,
Often overlooked in its simplicity.

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