Inferno of the Seeking

Truth in the stillness,
joy in the passing faces
streaming human consciousness.

What am I looking for
to feel the earth
beneath my feet
the earth that doesn’t shake.

The words in
the wind or
the shrill of
a bird who
what it means
to be still.

Watching the green grass blow,
the undulating sky meets sea
boundless as the human soul,
which ponders what it means to be.

Further from this
haven of the known,
Into limitless stillness. Mosaic

refuge where
tendrils cling for moving walls.
Falling towards the future

from the past.

Is reality fixed
or a simultaneous creation
of thought

and human will. Joining forces
like fire and water
creates stone.

The pressure in

the air consumed.

The weight turns
into diamonds
or dust. Mine

and yours
a conflagration
Of conscience
set ablaze.

Inferno of
the seeking.

That abyss
of potential
destroys and
Concurrently creates. Stepping
from a

your. Eyes.

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