In the Sunshine

Sittin’ in the park, listening to birds
It feels like all my stress is fadin’
As I rhyme these words
Because I got my brother with me
Won’t look forth or back,
Don’t matter if we’re not together
Got each other’s back.

Sometimes it feels like life is flyin’
But I’m still the same
Seeking meaning from the breeze
From the sun and rain.
From the moments when I’m low
No doubt that they will serve me,
The times when I’m caught in my head,
Gratitude brings clarity.

Grateful for the kiss of sun,
My every breath and smile,
Life is such a funny game
Been at this road a while.
And now that I have walked upon it
Headed towards my dream,
I shed the layers of myself
No longer serving me.

But it’s okay, mustn’t fear, or live in
No regret,
Wouldn’t want to change a thing
There’s nothing to forget.
I feel it now, the love of you,
My soul moves forth in time —

I’m grateful that I have these words —

I’m grateful for this life.

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