Ideas All Around Us

What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?
What causes the chemicals in your body to change,
Your thoughts to rearrange what you might think of as strange,
To express; so we don’t,
We keep ideas to ourselves, ideas of what we could be,
Because it isn’t who we are
Burn brighter as you are than a
Future you haven’t met,
Because it is
Who you are

And that’s scary because it’s change,
But something has to
Lift us there.
And make this version of who we are,
Everything we are.
What calls you to the sea,
What makes you
See more clearly — when you
Realize there’s something about the world,
That makes it worth it.

Perhaps a need for adventure,
Something you can’t explain,
A notion painted as a picture,
That gets you through the pain.

What’s your inspiration.

What draws you into empty space
Looking at the stars,
The strength and music of your soul
What’s gotten you this far.

Write about the light, the new year, the dark, the past, the ups and downs and what makes you frown or lifts you up when you’re in a slump —

Write about your love, the waves, a game, the way good food tastes and the way your grandpa made it; write about what you miss, and who you are when looking from afar — write about drops of rain, fits of pain, what burns deep down inside.

Write, and connect with another soul who feels the same. It doesn’t matter what it is ~ your words to me are the inspiration to live.

Grateful and psyched to be stepping into the role as Coffee Times inspiration editor. ☕️💭

Submit stories with the tag #inspiration — all writing is deeply encouraged, let’s make waves.


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