I Never Thought This Would Be Me

I never thought this would be me.
I couldn’t imagine as a kid
How much I’d learn in time alone —
It makes me care for others more,
Although I know I’m not alone.
I couldn’t imagine what I’d hope to be,
What I’d work on every day,
That I’d get up and go without
Giving myself a say.

That I’d seek the rising sun as it
Turned the
Water pink; that I’d embrace the
Biting cold, no matter what I’d think.
That I’d smile through the pain, and
Cry to let it go, on and on the days
Continue, I give my all to find a flow.
Solitary in the sea I swim with all my
I take my face out of the cold to
Watch the rising light.

I can’t believe the world I see, the
Mist which covers the horizon,
The distant coast shrouded in fog,
The water’s warm like days in May.
It’s early fall, September 30, I can’t
Believe where time
Has gone.

It’s early fall, my heart is warm,
Drifting to my favorite song.
Be proud of who you are,
Embrace the changing seasons,
You’re you, and I’m me,
Don’t need to find a reason.

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