I love

I love tunes —
But I love the sound of
Silence broken
Metal tracks beneath a
Sailing train;
I love the blue grey clouds
Which roll across a purple sky,
Darkness falls beyond the glass
Interweaving tunnels;
We skate into town.

I love the heat and
Summer smiles, tired eyes
On the train
Friends on the river in
Any ancient city,
Drinking beers to the season and
To making it together.

I love my dad.

He’s here with me,
I can’t really believe it.
Experiencing Kyoto and Osaka
My life in Japan on the train riding through green
Mountains and fields.
I think he gets
What it means to me.
Not just here —
Being anywhere at all.
We talk about our
Love for weather,
Something he’s passed down
Through our
Shared experience and particular
How we think about the seasons,
The sky.
Clouds overcome
A city and
That’s what you remember,
The place, yes; but
Clouds more;
Or rain or
Lightning or perfect

The feeling.


Trapped within a memory.
And we bond over that on the wooden
Deck of a restaurant in Kyoto
On the river, watching the
Sky and those on bikes
Pass into the horizon.
What I love is
How I can stand on the
Deck and watch
Mercurial steel
Swirl from the
Evergreen hills
Promising rain.

And I don’t need
Anything to appreciate
That but a heartbeat —
Even when we’re hurting;
Low; alone.
The things which
Cost nothing,
Are made for us all to
Dissolve into love.

I write this on the train,
Nearly home —


Always home with the things
We share,
A love for the change
In weather.

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