I Know That I’ve Been Here Before


Cold ocean water, a book, an empty page.

My mind is clear though full of thoughts,

Sea foam breaks softly on the shore.

What else does one need,

But the things which make us happy?

I leave to think,

Surrounded by nature’s breath,

The winds of changing seasons.

The more I climb, I ponder time,

I know that I’ve been here before.

Step after step brings clarity;

These days, that’s all I seek.

This day resembling others,

This feeling not brand new,

We search for that which makes us full,

No less than that will do.

To be young with life before me,

I have all that I need.

Health, love, a beating heart,

A soul that longs to speak.

Each season brings its loveliness,

The planet floats, as does the spirit,

Looking for connection.

Is that enough to fill the heart,

A life of simplicity?

I hope it is,

I know I can,

Find sheer joy in what’s not new.

I know that I’ve been here before,

And that is all I need.

All that I love is with me now,

A life of simplicity.

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