I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye

So that’s it,
I see your face when I’m asleep,
ties cut but I can hear your laugh, keeping me awake.
I wonder why I can’t look
at myself, a human metamorphosis,
supposedly it’s aging,
further from a reality
no more real than the dream I see you in.
You’re out there, and maybe you remember,
growing up together,
we shared a room,
my brother, friend —
wishing I could find you.

It scares me, what I’ve become, no different from back then,
undisclosed to anyone is the thought that that was it,
the day you went away,
a kid, left with nothing but questions,
and a hole in my heart that will always be for you.

You shaped me, man, I saw in you no fault,
only that of someone trying
to find their way in an unforgiving world.
So that’s it,
we exist within our memories,
which change with our reality,
you’ll always be my brother,
I don’t know how to say goodbye.

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