I Care, and I’m Doing My Best

The universe is calling on our hearts to maintain faith and stay at peace. Still, it seems like a dream, this waiting for the world to change.

It hurts my soul to see the fear being spread,
Like smoke in the sky,
Where no bird can fly,
It covers up the sun —
The light, the source, the truth.
But it can be undone.

The fear divides us into us versus them; but that’s another human being — they were once a child, a jolly little life force who loved to play.

They still do.

That human being feels the world bearing down on them just as much as me, just as much as you, and that pressure shapes us into what we’re not.

I’m not here to tell you what to believe.

I don’t truly know what’s going on in the world.

Nobody does — but each one of us is doing our best.

I care, you care, and we’re doing our best.

Aubrey Marcus and his recent conversation with Charles Eisenstein, a speaker, philosopher, and author of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, inspired these words.

The More Beautiful World made me see reality and our purpose on Earth in a beautiful new light.

We must be there for one another; that’s what the holidays are for, right?

This conversation is powerful; they discuss the interconnectedness between every one of us, to nature and to all life.

Last year the holidays felt rather odd, and this year not much has changed. We want the world to feel normal again — at least, back to how it was.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t get frustrated thinking about how incomprehensibly fucked up this is.

But after breaking a sweat or jumping in the ocean or writing about how I’m feeling, I find my inspiration again.

I reclaim my creativity, my passion, my joy for life, and I will not let these exterior circumstances take any of that from me.

Our peace is ours to give, nobody’s to take.

I’m privileged to write and share my words, to see the ocean, to read about the world with my free time. On the surface I’m only responsible for myself, and I realize that makes life simpler.

However, these outlets simply remind me of what’s true; not the words, but our ability to explore with the words and create our own reality. Our ability to step outside and breathe, no matter where we are.

Our ability to create our own energy, no matter how we feel.

That’s the truth as I see it, a truth that’s universal.

I care, and I’m doing my best — to see this life for what it is; to find a way through the darkening fog with my inner light as a guide, not without the love of my friends, family, and community. That’s you.

I’m doing my best to keep a smile on my face and I’m giving everything I have to keep love in my heart.

I’m inspired by the day, the warmth of the sun.
I’m in awe of the night, the guidance of the moon.

I hope to turn nature’s gifts into something moving, something that reminds us we’re all individuals dancing to the same tune.

And it feels like I just need to keep pushing, even though at times I want a break.

Like I need to keep going, even though at times I feign joy when I’m down, strength when I feel weak, hope when I don’t know where to turn. But it’s okay.

Everything will be okay.

It’s Christmas, and life is a miracle.

It helps to say it. To let the noise fade away and feel it.

If you want to be the holiday cheer, be it.

Trust yourself and guide us.

Perhaps I don’t feel like a kid on Christmas morning, counting down the seconds until I could tiptoe downstairs and rip open the presents under the tree.

I’m twenty-six, I guess that’s a good thing, but oh, the fond memories. That feeling of being a kid on Christmas morning — that was magic.

I see this time of year differently now, but the spirit remains, the magic remains, and not only during the holidays.
My spirit is being channeled in new ways.

I want to help people find the light in the world and in themselves. We’re doing our best with what we know in any situation.
That’s all we can expect of ourselves, and of one another.

Happy holidays, fam.

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