F*ck if I ever make a dollar — I have to do this.

Two years ago, if you were to show Gregory Russell Benedikt and me the work that it would take to make it to our hundredth episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast, I wonder if we’d be rearing to take on the challenge.

Would we say, ehhhh fun idea! But let’s not.

Or, would we grab each other by the shoulder, shake out the nerves and say, if not us, then who?

Greg and I — two lost puppies with a dream — released episode 100 of our podcast this week, which in the podcasting world is barely scratching the surface. Still, it’s a milestone we’re proud of.

From the onset, we committed to do this not only when inspired, but to treat it like a career. Every week we make it happen whether or not we feel like it. Inspiration strikes when we sit our asses down and do the work.

It’s not the promise of money which compelled us to press record and start rambling about going for our dreams. In fact as it stands, we’re in a nice little deficit. 😅

Rather, it’s a need beyond all else to tackle the greatest question of all, one that’s been ripping at our souls since graduating from college, the moment you’re free to pave your own way:

What does it mean to be alive?

The lessons that Greg and I have learned in these past two years have shaped us as people.

We do this because it gives us something that far surpasses a monetary reward. It gives us meaning, brings us closer as brothers, and fills us with love.

To do something meaningful and sustainable for the long haul, you must love what you’re doing so much that you’ll happily do the work for nothing more than the work itself.

I didn’t start writing to make money. I started writing to better understand which path to take; in doing so, the journey began.

I wrote my first book, Arrows of Youth, because I felt so strongly a call to adventure, an intrinsic human need which grows richer every day.

I didn’t write that book alone; I had all the travelers of the past, those of thought and of terrain, to lean upon.

Since day one, I’ve had the love of my family and friends to bolster me on this adventure. I have the muses, those mythical beings of light which smile upon our courage not only to be ourselves, but to channel that energy into what we do in life.

The money will come if it’s meant to.

If you’re asking, will I make money with this endeavor? You just might.

Yet when you can say, fuck if I ever make a dollar, I have to do this, you’ll create something which tells the world, this is who I truly am.

This is the heart that beats from within this chest. This is the blood, sweat, laughter and tears, which flow from a soul who longs to know: What does it mean to be alive?

The question isn’t, will I make money with this?

The question is, would you do it for free?

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  • Carol
    Posted at 03:35h, 11 December Reply

    Congratulations ! I love this post and know how you feel. The same applies to my blogging which started in earnest at the beginning of the pandemic. I may have to add your line « Inspiration strikes when we sit our asses down and do the work. » to my non-existent inspiration wall. Making money with my writing is very low on the priority list, which most people seem to not understand. Best wishes in your continuing creative journey.

    • Vincent Van Patten
      Posted at 09:54h, 13 December Reply

      I really appreciate that Carol 🙂 Haha I’d be honored to be on your inspo wall! Good luck on your journey as well!

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