False Destiny

Going nowhere quick.
In a rush to be somebody else,
Make it to the next stage,
The main stage,
Where I measure up to the vision of me;
Only looking ahead,
How blind I can be.

To the life that’s all around,
I’m just trying to see,
This world for what it really is,
Love contained in energy.

Going nowhere quick.

Seeking love, which wears the mask of fate —
Free myself from discontent,
With who I am, what I am,
The feeling that I just can’t wait.

This thing called life goes by the more we try
To understand it,
Or grasp it.
But the more I try to understand, the less I do —
I can’t understand why we play these games,
False destiny,
It’s called by many names.

I have to make it, have to grind,
Have to fake the real me,
Is that the life I want to live?
What truly is my destiny.

Torn in two,
The soul I long to be — I want to try,
I need to grow,
Down deep the heart beats,
I know that’s the real me.
Who is scared, with so many questions.
What does it mean to be alive.
The heart of it, in this moment’s silence,
Come and gone like morning rain,
A glimpse of what it means to
Be a heart beating,
Shared when walls are broken,
Those we build to keep inside,
The pain and when we’re hurting,
We’d rather have our pride.

Maybe you’re out there, too,
Questioning why you feel this way.
Going nowhere quick,
To be happy,

I look out there for what I want —
But here,
Right here is where we’ll always be.
Look inside when the world around you dims.
That light will take you further
Than you can ever hope to go.

Not to far-off places,
But into the depths of love seldom expressed,
Joy, laughter, wonder,
Our different words for love.

Bearing the pressure of what should be,
The sound of wisdom falling
Comes from up above.
Listen to the drops of rain,
left over from the morning storm.
Listen to the blowing wind,
The sound of spirit moving,
The truth,
Begins to glow in the evening sky,
The moon revealed to bring me peace,
The answers found in the question why.

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