Everything Is In Everything

What I’ve overcome
looks back in the mirror.
These cells,
These eyes,
Constitute I —
What am I but a
Collection of days, a set
Of stones, a
Rhythm of action and error?

Who we are is
Who we become —
Our days are built upon
Understanding who that is.
Our future’s in the clouds,
Drifting peacefully overhead.
My past blooms from this
Roadside flower;
It tells me to keep running.
Carry on dear boy.

A road is just a road;
It takes you from here to there.
From here to where?
Where do you hope to go?
Look around at
The beauty of the road.
Its lines are blurred and
It’s me who’s running;
Not a race,
Just to feel my heart
Beat faster.
To feel the legs beneath me.
You don’t need a road to run.
Be courageous —

You have it all within you.

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