Eternal Words Set Down in Ink

The word is woven, set in ink
Beneath it lies another’s heart
What makes them happy, how they think,
Through all of history a link;
The written word a lasting art.

A subtle turning of a page
Encapsulates these boundless dreams
Where words are actors on a stage,
From youth until a wise old age;
One’s love of words shines through and gleams.

Since time forgotten on this earth
Thoughts they fluttered, with wings they flew,
What was set down granted worth,
Ideas captured, given birth
As days passed by, perceptions grew.

The books which sit here, all unique
Colorful tales, thoughtful prose
As if the authors still may speak,
Their minds still strong, their words not weak,
An ancient sentence, though it flows.

Lessons which tell the test of time
Through centuries, beauty remains,
Reminding us that we’ll be fine;
It takes a look within the bind
A book brings joy which never wanes.

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