DTD The Dare to Dream Podcast #47: Social Media Isn’t Going Anywhere—Here’s How to Make It Work for You

Social media has undoubtedly shifted the bedrock of society.

We live our lives through our little screens just as much as we exist in the real world. Is this catastrophic? De-humanizing? Downright frightening? Well, yes. But social media also presents a damn beautiful possibility of coming together as people.

We’re social creatures, and we’ve never been this globally interconnected. News spreads through social media. New jobs are being created because of social platforms.

We’re building personal brands and how we want the world to see us through the pictures that we post and the tweets that we share.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and the social media revolution which started in the early 2000s is only growing more rapidly. This age that we live in is indeed an opportunity to journey closer to our own humanity, as individuals, and as a collective. We can be the force for good that this new wave of technology needs.

On this episode we also discuss:

— Other apps such as Evernote, Things 3, and Kindle that we use to make organizing our lives, learning, and creating something to be sincerely enjoyed.

— What an authentic personal brand is and how to create yours

— What we’re reading, how we like to read, and how we feel about the new style of self-help reading apps

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