DTD #94: When You Can’t Find the Solution, Be the Solution – How Katie Fletcher Followed Her Dreams and Founded Local Scoop, the Package-Free, Low-Waste Grocery Store

After a trail of disappointing jobs, Katie Fletcher made the bold decision to go after her own dreams and stop looking for fulfillment in corporate America. Her dedication to fitness and history as a triathlon athlete strengthened her entrepreneurial spirit, and now, in just a few weeks, she will be opening a low-waste, package-free grocery store called Local Scoop in Encinitas, CA.

On today’s episode, Katie shares her journey starting Local Scoop, why she only goes on social media for her business, and how her resolution to make the world a better place was a significant catalyst for change.

She discovered her passion for food and nutrition at a young age, leading her to study public health and nutrition at Yale University. During two trips studying abroad, Katie fell in love with low-waste grocery shops but couldn’t find any similar stores at home. She wondered, why didn’t her own country value a sustainable and affordable grocery store system?

More people than ever are focused on healthy eating, but an influx of health food products and misleading information makes it difficult to know what exactly you’re consuming, where it comes from, and how beneficial it really is for you. Being so focused on nutrition can also take the fun out of eating, and that’s one reason Katie wants her store to bring clean, healthy, and delicious food to her community.

Tune in for a conversation on health, good food, and why staying off your phone can change your life!

Topics discussed in this episode:

Why Katie doesn’t like using social media in her personal life The purpose of Local Scoop and how it works Products that will be available at Local Scoop How Katie came up with the idea for Local Scoop Obstacles making Local Scoop a reality Entrepreneur and endurance sports Katie’s daily routine Gregory and Katie discuss reading and book clubs Katie’s education and career in nutrition and health The climate crisis as a motivating factor Advice to people stuck in an unfulfilling job Katie gives her definition of success Tools for finding the next step in your life Technology, especially cell phones, as a distraction Gregory gives his definition of success The Sunday Scaries

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Check out Katie’s current read, All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson.

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