DTD #88: Moving to Japan and Running an Ultra-Marathon, How Monumental Life Events Have Shifted Our Perspectives

We’ve had some pretty extreme perspective shifts recently. Vinny moved halfway across the world to Osaka, Japan, where he will be teaching English for the next year, maybe more! Gregory, in an attempt to run (pun intended) from his feeling of sadness that Vinny moved away, decided to do an unsupported 50-mile ultramarathon, which means he just ran 50 miles out of sheer audacity.

Tune in to hear about Vinny’s adventure in Japan and Gregory’s grueling journey into the pain cave. In classic Dare to Dream fashion, we’ve woven some life lessons and meaningful takeaways into our stories. The episode ends with some discussion on the power of perspective shifts, and how they may help us face and overcome whatever challenges come our way.

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