DTD #87: Bringing Positive Wellbeing to the Workplace with Catherine Mattice

Catherine Mattice is passionate about helping people feel good at work. She’s a strategic HR consultant who assists organizations in building positive cultures through HR practices.

Her desire to affect positive change comes from her own experience of dealing with a workplace bully after working her way up from executive assistant to HR director. What we love about Catherine’s story is that she didn’t take no for an answer.

Hours after being laid off from a tech firm, she started building her website to launch Civility Partners, a consulting firm that deals in workplace bullying. Nearly everyone doubted her dream and told her to pursue something else. But Catherine had the tenacity and courage to go for it anyway and turned that into a thriving career that doesn’t feel like work.

Tune in to learn:

How to bring positivity into your work environment Why you should be planting seeds everywhere you go What to do if you’re experiencing workplace bullying How to stand your ground and retain your dignity

And much more!

Show Notes:

Civility Partners Website

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Catherine’s Award-Winning First Book

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