DTD #86: It’s Not About the Destination, But Who You Become On The Journey

Yes, we’re 86 episodes in and still clarifying the purpose of this podcast. Isn’t that how it should be? An ever-changing project that grows as we do.

The Dare to Dream Podcast is about discovering what’s possible when you have the courage to follow your dreams. It’s for millennials who crave meaning and fulfillment and are willing to step into the unknown to find it.

On this episode, we explore:

The necessity for discomfort in our modern world  How to get out of your own head and enjoy the ride Why embracing the unknown is the surest path to meaning and fulfillment

Show Notes:

– Chris Williamson on Joe Rogan (Podcast)

– Modern Wisdom 450K Subscribers Q&A (Podcast)

– Leonardo Da Vinci Biography by Walter Issacson (Book)

– Men and Women of Discomfort (Website)

– The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter (Book)

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