DTD #85: Why You Must Live a Story Worth Telling

You must live a story worth telling.

That doesn’t mean you have to climb Mt. Everest wearing a speedo at the age of twelve or bicep wrestle a shark in the Galapagos; it means you are consistently doing things that excite you. Whether it’s working on projects that align with your passions or actually climbing Mt. Everest in a speedo—all that matters is that you are living a life you’re proud of.

Everything that happens is part of your story. It’s often hard to see that in the moment. Yet all you experience—the wins, the losses, the peaks and the valleys—strengthen your personal tale. So use it. All of it. You are the hero and the point is this:

Live your own story. One that is worth telling, if only to yourself.

Side note: We recorded this episode while sipping on Patrón, so you know things got a little saucy.

Show Notes:

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