DTD #82: Embracing the Shadowed Soul with Melissa Jennewein

“I wanted to live,” writes Melissa Jennewein in her book Shadowed Soul: Wandering to Find Your Inner Compass. “Not just live, but understand what living meant… Something has to happen, or I’ll never know my soul.”

Shadowed Soul tells the tale of Melissa’s eight years traveling the world after two devastating, simultaneous life events.

With little planning and massive trust, Melissa quit her job, packed a backpack, and leapt into the unknown to better understand her past, her inner world, and the planet we share.

She shines as an example of what is possible when we face our fears and confront our shadows with openness and faith.

In this episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast, Vincent and Melissa discuss what the shadowed soul is, and how we may confront it in ourselves, even without the ability to travel the world.

Yet, there’s something that happens when we travel—we’re continually confronted by the unknown, causing us to face our own vulnerabilities and preconceived notions. Melissa’s story will inspire you to find a way to get out there.

Along her journey, Melissa met empowered young women and men who are tired of the ancient practices forced upon them—these young people simply want to break free, live their own lives and chart their own paths.

Vincent and Melissa touch on this new consciousness that’s dawning and how it’s playing out across the globe. Underneath it all, the young, the old, the modern and the ancient, is a longing for love.

The world is changing. Through love, we can too. We hope this conversation will help you see, question, and inspire that change the world so badly needs.

Show Notes:

— Check out Shadowed Soul, by Melissa Jennewein

— melissajennewein.com

— Soulcuriositypress.com 

 Arrows of Youth, by Vincent Van Patten

— Workaway.info

— Inner Engineering, by Sadhguru

— Homo Deus, by Yuval Noah Harari 

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