DTD #81: Live Like a Lion, Not an Ant

The boys are back together for a quintessential episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast.

The discussion revolves around taking the pressure off and remembering that life is supposed to be fun. We also discuss how to determine which activities and actions are genuine and true to who you are.

The ideas of the great philosophers Emerson and Seneca are sprinkled throughout this episode, along with updates on what we are up to, grappling with, and cherishing in life.

Right now being playful, lighthearted, and real with ourselves and others, are paramount qualities we’re striving to embody. We knock around ideas about how and why this is the most sustainable, purposeful, and enjoyable way to go about this journey of life.

Show Notes:

Letters from a Stoic

The Heart of Emerson’s Journals

The War of Art

The Principle of Charity

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