DTD #80: EPISODE SWAP from the Discomfort Theory Podcast: Uncovering Your Best Self with Gregory Russell Benedikt

The Dare to Dream Podcast is all about showing up and doing the work no matter what. It’s about staying consistent with your dream in the midst of the storm of life. We got to practice what we preach this week as Vinny navigated getting his phone and wallet stolen in Israel and Gregory finding himself on a trip without podcasting equipment.

Since recording an episode together was impossible, we are dropping a previously recorded interview Gregory did on the Discomfort Theory Podcast, hosted by Dan Wilkinson.

This episode is all about seeking voluntary discomfort to uncover and unlock your best self. Gregory and Dan discuss the character formation school they are part of calledĀ Men and Woman of Discomfort, their 50-mile walk they attempted together, morning routines, and much more!

Show Notes:

Go check out theĀ Discomfort Theory Podcast

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