DTD #79: Finding Peace, Play, and Healing with Wolf Castillo

Life has a funny way of connecting you with the people you are supposed to meet. And it’s often in the least grandiose of circumstances that the seeds of your future are planted.

Wolf and I met in 2020 when Aubrey Marcus offered his online personal development program Go For You Win for a single dollar. When your favorite podcaster/Renaissance Man offers you something for $1, you say yes. And that’s what me, Wolf, and thousands of people all around the world did.

Our friendship began during quarantine and we have been encouraging, supporting, and inspiring each other ever since. Wolf is one of the most articulate human beings I’ve ever met, and he has a way with words that would make Billy Shakespeare insecure. He’s a coach, a podcaster, a healer, and someone who describes himself as “holding space for others to find their holistic expression.”

This was one of the most healing conversations I’ve ever had as we explored the importance of play, loosening up, and finding inner peace.

We also dove deep into:

– The importance of balancing relentless commitment with relentless compassion

– How taking yourself too seriously causes you to lose your softness and live solely in the head instead of the heart

– How the exhale is just important as the inhale: without the exhale and play we are no longer human beings but human doings

– Healing is how we remember our wholeness and the essence of who we are

You will walk away from this episode feeling lighter, lovelier, and with a sense that everything is going to be okay. Because it is!

Show Notes:

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