DTD #78: Visit Yourself and Have a Good Time, with Iris of Calabria, Italy

Vincent spent three weeks working as a volunteer in Calabria, Italy, under the guidance of Iris. Iris is somebody that makes you smile, laugh, question and think. Mostly, for Vincent, about how simple and beautiful life can be.

Iris moved from her native Holland as a young woman and has lived in the south of Italy ever since, learning about the land, the people, and most importantly, herself.

Now, Vincent could undoubtedly tell that she’s a beloved part of her community, even as a non-native Italian. Her love of life is tangible, and every time Vincent spoke or worked with her, he, too, learned something new about the world, about nature, and even about himself.

Perhaps we don’t need much to be happy—we must simply discover what is important to us and follow it, seek it, explore it, and share that joy with the world.

Iris now opens up her hillside property to workaway volunteers such as Vincent for those who want to immerse themselves in nature, get their hands dirty, and feel a part of something truly special.

This episode was recorded in Iris’s garden as a light rain began to come down. We hope it brings you some peace, perhaps some guidance, and a whole lot of joy.

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