DTD #75: How Writing and Coaching Can Change Your Life, with Author, Attorney, and Nonprofit Founder, Debra Mares

Debra Mares is a real-life Wonder Woman.

Having seen professional success as an attorney, a nonprofit founder, an author, and a teacher, Debra’s goal is to be an inspiration and role model for Latina women everywhere.

Not only has she written three books and won prosecutor of the year, but Debra is also the founder of Woman Wonderwriters, a nonprofit aimed at educating and mentoring those affected by trauma, crime, and other hardships through the arts.

Throughout her life, Debra has taken bold action. She believes that education is the best way to overcome obstacles and explained how both her books and the nonprofit came to fruition through her working with a coach. Coaching opened her eyes and gave her confidence to do things that seemed completely out of reach at first.

Debra is someone who dared to dream of what she wanted and worked incredibly hard to achieve it.

In addition to discussing her professional journey, we also discuss:

– Her beliefs on the importance of self-care to make sure you don’t burn out

– Why she loves parties, salsa dancing, and silent meditation retreats

– The beautiful last words from her mother that will make you rethink how you spend your time

Come on in for an inspiring conversation that will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to live a big life!

Show Notes:

Woman Wonderwriters Nonprofit

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