DTD #67: Living in a Hostel, How to Use Social Media While Traveling, and Why You Need to Live an Interesting Life

Have you ever had so much fun at a hostel while traveling that you asked yourself, “I wonder what it would be like to LIVE here?” No? Well we’ll tell you how it is anyway.

This episode details Vinny’s first week of living at the Lookout Lisbon hostel in Lisbon, Portugal. He shares what it’s like to live in a 12-person mixed dorm, catching his nightly beauty rest from the top bunk on a triple decker bunk bed, amongst other sit-com worthy antidotes.

We also discuss one of our favorite topics to pontificate on, social media.

The good news is that we solved social media. We determined the best way to use it and you’ll never have to feel stressed out about too much screen time again. The bad news is that I’m lying. You will still get to grapple with your own impossible complex relationship with social media.

This episode is sprinkled with wisdom from author Ryan Holiday, who says “living an interesting life makes your writing better” and that you should “write about what you can’t NOT write about.”

We believe that living an interesting life and talking about what makes you come alive is the recipe for an epic life.

Come on in for another episode with two best friends who are adjusting to living 5,679 miles away from each other.

This episode will put a smile on your face, guaranteed 🙂

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