DTD #66: Vinny’s Launch to Lisbon – DTD Goes International

Today was a special moment in Dare to Dream history. This episode was recorded as Vinny was sitting in Montreal, waiting to board his flight to Lisbon, Portugal, where he will be living in a hostel for the next three months. Vinny plans to wander around Europe for an undetermined amount of time as he waits for Japan to open its borders. If you live in Europe, you are not safe. There is now a wild Vincent on the loose, and if you see him, try not to panic. He can be subdued with classical medieval literature or the promise of a nice long walk.

Not only has The Dare to Dream Podcast officially gone international, but it has also now become Vinny & Greg’s main medium of communication as they courageously step into their long-distance relationship together. Get ready for a whole new chapter of playful banter, entertaining travel stories, and the life lessons these two dreamers learn on their epic journies.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the podcast thus far, today marks the beginning of a new chapter and we are just getting started!

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