DTD #65: Living a Life Without Regret, w/ Columbia-Based Writer Sara Burdick

Columbia-based writer Sara Burdick is a curious soul, a world traveler, a seeker of truth and meaning — a dreamer. What’s unique about Sara is that her dreams didn’t remain dreams. She acted. She took a chance. She sold her things, left her job, and leaped into the unknown and is now experiencing the beautiful opportunities that have come from taking a chance on herself.

Vinny asked Sara if she would join him to discuss her journey on episode #65 of The Dare to Dream Podcast.

She’s been through what Vinny is currently experiencing: a calling of the soul to get out into the world and question what truly matters in life.

Her story serves as living proof of what is possible when we ask ourselves what really matters, and don’t stop until we experience the answer.

She delivered a wealth of knowledge, passion, and inspiration, not as a teacher would to a student, but as a friend would to another whom they truly care for and want to see flourish.


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