DTD #59: Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

If you zoom way out and take a look at your life, what is most important?

What would your inner child tell you to focus on?

Is there ever a convenient time to completely change your life?

These are some of the enormous questions that we attempt to answer on this vulnerable and emotional episode. From Sadhguru’s timeless wisdom to Vinny’s new free-form writing practice, we share what is helping us navigate the challenges that inevitably come up when Daring to Dream.

Sometimes we are faced with seemingly unanswerable questions and we have to make a decision without knowing the right answer. Does the “right” answer even exist?

Join us for this inspiring episode where we laugh, cry, and question whether to heed the not so gentle whisper of souls.

Show Notes

Sadhguru – Inner Engineering

Sadhguru – ┬áKarma

Jordan Peterson & Chloe Valdary

John Keats – Negative Capability

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