DTD #58: Fortune Favors the Bold

In this high-energy episode, we discuss the idea of flirting with life, and how we’ve put this idea to the test by striking up conversations and getting into as many strange situations as possible.

Get ready for some exciting stories, some unsolicited life advice, and a whole lot of laughter.

We also dive deep into philosophical musings (per usual) and consider the wild idea that the earth might be the heart chakra of the universe. Perhaps every seemingly inconsequential decision matters more than we will ever know. This holds some truth in our own lives, and if nothing else, is fun to ponder.

Join us for a light and playful conversation that will fire you up and bring you peace at the same time. (Is that even possible?)

This episode is full of twists and turns that all lead back to one immutable truth: fortune favors the bold.

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