​DTD #57: Dare to Live a Life That’s Truly Yours with Paris-Based Creative Shabnam Ferdowsi

“Have you ever felt paralyzed with ambition before?” Writes Paris-based creative Shab Ferdowsi in her article on Medium.com.

“A dream so daunting and out of the ordinary, you couldn’t even muster the courage to talk to your closest friends about it? So instead, you wandered aimlessly towards whatever else other people were pointing to pretending your dream wasn’t there?”

No further reading necessary. Knowing nothing else about Shab, it was already clear that we belong in the same tribe. We’ve received so much wisdom from our guests who have traversed through the unknown and have made it out the other side with their spirit intact. We are grateful to be the wide-eyed recipients of their teachings.

But it’s absolutely invigorating to speak to dreamers like us who are in the thick of it, navigating uncharted terrain and seeking what lights their soul on fire.

Shab is one of these people — a writer, photographer, and all around creative doer who is no longer living somebody else’s dream. She writes: “No more floating. I want to surf.”

This conversation felt like talking to an old friend about what truly matters in life. We hope it inspires you as much as it did us.

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