DTD #54: Health, Connection, and Pursuing What’s Meaningful—Our Recipe for Happiness in 2022

When it comes down to it, what do we truly need to make us happy?

This meaningful episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast puts a bow on 2021; we’re looking ahead with our heads held high, our faces towards the sun, and our hearts blown wide open.

We’ve realized that there are three things which, when maintained, provide everything we need to be happy. It’s not a surefire recipe for happiness, but it gets us moving on the right track and back to a harmonious state of mind more than anything else.

When cultivating health, developing meaningful relationships, and pursuing our genuine interests even while working on the side, everything else becomes much lighter and more joyful.

It’s a simple recipe with endless variations to be explored; the deeply rooted trunk of the tree, with branches that stem every which way depending on who you are and where your heart leads you.

The book Mastery by Robert Greene inspired much of this episode. Reading the book brought Vincent peace of mind and tremendous inspiration regarding his path in life; we hope this conversation distills the book down to an essence that is helpful, inspiring, and profoundly encouraging as you continue on your journey in 2022.

To a new year we could never have dreamed of!

Show Notes:

Mastery, by Robert Greene

The Practice, by Seth Godin

Atomic Habits, by James Clear

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