Confused Satellite

Orbit follows life below,
Patient satellite,
Barely there in the hazy night sky.
You have to stop and look to see,
Instead of racing by,
Wondering why—
Life hardly makes sense from here.

Music playing in my ears,
Until the sunlight falls away
The miracle of our existence,
Known to us by day.
And then the night comes,
It silently grows,
Until we’re left in darkness,
Pondering the endless sky
The love behind the words.
Maybe they’re not true, but the music, music,
It has to be the truth.
The melody that
Gets us through,
Our collective heart beating.

Gives meaning to the meaningless,
The hurt and joy and pain
Solo or with other souls
To show us we’re the same;
When will we decide to put away the hate
And finally celebrate,
So the satellites up above
Won’t know what sense of it to make.

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