A Song of Gratitude

I’M GRATEFUL FOR THE SUNSHINE that warms my skin when I feel blue. I step outside and feel its embrace take hold.

I’m grateful for my body that’s brought me here to this edge of land and sea. I try to stand up straight as often as possible; I strive to nurture my body and treat it with respect. We’re in the fight together, resting, building, strengthening, falling.

My shoulders bear the weight of the thoughts in my mind, but they get lighter every day as I learn how to deal with what I can’t control and take pride in what I can.

I’m grateful for the eyes that allow me to see the beauties in the world that I hold so dear — the tireless waves which soothe my spirit, the serenity of a twinkling night sky, a movie on the screen that makes me laugh and forget about the rest.

I’m grateful to hear and smell and taste the details that add depth to our lives. Music gives me strength; the smell of cinnamon and vanilla makes me think of being home for the holidays; pasta makes everything right.

I’m grateful for my friends, an indispensable part of who I am. We’ll always be together in this journey, and I know I’m never alone, no matter where I am. I hope they know they aren’t either. We’re finding who we are, and that’s no easy feat. But we’re in this together, and the ride’s only just begun.

I’m grateful for my family who put up with me in the times when I feel like me and the times when I don’t. They are my tribe, we are a unit, and I want to be there with them to provide encouragement and love.

But life comes and goes in waves, and sometimes I want to be alone. I’ll always come back home; I’ll always love, respect, and cherish them.

I’m grateful to live a life where I can feel incredible joy, whether boarding a plane to discover somewhere new or settling in for a night of reading my favorite book.

I’m grateful to feel peaceful more often than not, knowing the universe has a plan, and all we must do is surrender to it.

I’m grateful to feel love for humanity. We’re all going through something and I do my best not to judge. Just know that you’re loved.

I’m grateful to the animals of this planet — the mysterious creatures of the night and the beasts who roam wild and free through the mountains and the plains and the clear blue sky.

This is your planet too, and I long to share.

I’m grateful for the trees which give us breath, the wind that surges through my soul, and the clouds I feel I could fall asleep upon and drift for days.

I’m grateful to be alive. I am who I am, doing the best that I can. I’m grateful for you, too.


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