Between The Mountains And The City

A WARM RAIN falls upon the mountains and the city.
Glistening in grey, reminiscence rises
From the slick city streets,
Memories, I’d just arrived, now I’m on my own,
A world so new to me;
I’ve never felt alone.
When you trust your disposition,
You take a step and try,
The world will give you what you need; a lesson
A key; a friend.
Even in the moment you don’t know it; years later keys
Turn then you’re leafing through the past; that’s the way
It had to be.
Now all there is to do is laugh.

Can’t foresee how things will change —
So just keep going, reflections in the glass,
The buildings and the puddles and the people
That I pass —
I see me, new me, old me, convergence and
Emergence of the man I long to be.
The scattered and steel and glinting
Skyline, mountains in the distance,
Magnetized by time
Gone by, for what they share is rain —

Between the mountains and the city,
The storm of you the storm of me
Gathers and becomes,
All it’s meant to be.

I want to make something so I
Roam through my home beneath the
Falling water,
Come to, yesterday,
Stepped along the river blue;
When we don’t know where to go,
Just get out there and flow.

A piece of paper holds my
Scribbled thoughts and as I read
Ink bleeds
Orange like a wound;
Crying words open heart
Feeds my soul,
The feeling’s elemental;
I just need to breathe.

I suppose we’re here to feel the rain,
For the buildings and the mountains feel it too.
What can we endure, like they,
Can we shine
Even when the sky is grey;
We can’t imagine the way in which
things will change,
Despite our efforts
Life will rearrange,
What we now so badly want to escape
Will all just be a dream.

We try to wake up,
for this can’t be real, not me;
Why do I feel this way when, damn,
I should be happy.

It’s okay to ask the question —
Know you’re not alone.
Can you feel the rain, too?
I know you see it,
But do you feel it,
The ambient melody of the pour?
The pain has made me who I am.
But I’m done with it.
I want to find some clarity,
but the world is fogged and I’m looking for the light,
Wasn’t part of the plan,
Don’t need to make it right.
I long to feel the rain.

As my mind escapes me,
What comes is the
laughter from a friend.
The weight I hold shatters in my hands.
We’re in this together;
How could it be otherwise.
What beauty we can make of all that we can’t know.

Whatever you’re feelin’, cherish it,
You’re not alone beneath the sky.
We all feel the rain, there’s no escaping it.
It gives the mountains life, depth and breath;
Sometimes we gotta go there to speak,
Ask the flowers questions; what makes you feel alive?
We can’t grasp what life is giving us —
It’s our choice to take it.
In our struggle, in our pain,
There’s magic in the drops of rain.

Sit in it.
Nobody’s got this shit figured out;
Can you be okay with that?
Can you live in gratitude
Even when it isn’t pretty.
The unknown,
A storm —
The storm of you the storm of me,
Drifts between
The mountains and the city.

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