Autumn Rain

Maybe it’s a sunny day,

The warmth I need when I’m alone

To ease the pain,

Or maybe it’s the sound of rain

Walkin’ with umbrellas up

Beside a friend

To put a smile on my face again.

We laugh about the stories

That we’re makin’,

Inside these walls we build

When frankly we’re mistaken

’Cause there’s nothing in

The sound of rain, not what it

Could have been or might be,

A storm in morning past

Or sunny days when cold tears

Falling from the sky have passed,

Grieving for the broken souls

World’s in a state of mourning;

There’s nothing in the sound of rain.

We drop our umbrellas, shut our eyes.

We feel each raindrop cold upon our shoulders,

Street slick like ink and glistening,

Red autumn leaves rustle in a neighbor’s yard

The voice of peace I’m listening.

Hands on our chests to feel the breath of pain

Exhale love, praying one day soon you’ll find it

In your heart to smile again.

There’s nothing in the sound of rain.

Blank canvas for our thoughts

Cool autumn night,

We paint the sky in worry or

Open our eyes, to

Paint the day with light.

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