At the Dawn of Dusk

Life serves as a constant teacher — how to find peace amongst it all, the chaos that is, the thunder that sounds, the ringing in your ears or the pain in your body.

What does it take to find
Beauty in the empty night.
Joy in the pain, sun in the rain,
How to soldier on.

Forever a student, the lessons are
Worth listening to.
Listen closely, softly, to the ancient sounds of
Wonder that constantly surround us.

Life is quirky.

And strange, and full of light in dark places.
Life is what we make of it, the moments in between;
Life is sitting on the patio, watching the greying sky in the summer heat.

Life is the sound of the piano keys which capture
Every emotion in a single tune.

Life is.

Life is, life is passionately worth living.

Take nothing for granted, because what’s so common now might go,
In the blink of an eye.

The open sky, it covers this world, that beautiful vault of
Thought and joy and peace and love.

Of color and wind and sun — this moment, I can’t believe it’s come.
Yet here I am; here we are, back again, older now, the same me, wiser perhaps, just barely.

Yet I’m happy.

I’m happy.

No matter where we are, the moon begins to glow at the
Dawn of dusk, a reminder of our unity.

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