An Unexpected Summer Storm

A flash of light at midnight;
I gazed out the window in a daze.
The rain began to fall.

As it poured my smile grew,
A summer rain began to brew.
I laid awake, listening for the crack of lightning,
Boom of thunder, safe in bed my mind could wonder;

Back to an inspired state — transfixed by the patient sound, the steady, dull, Dreamlike falling of water from the sky.

The weather carries energy. Earth coming to life,
Beaten pavement and blooming weeds.

Midsummer storm blowing through to excite souls which drift and stir,
Caught between sunny days, the tempestuous winds made me slow, pause… Ponder what I’m doing here — I could be anywhere, but the storm had come to

Find me.

Shake me.

Reawaken me.Time is short so be here now;cherish the summer rain.
The winds give way to a clear, fresh morning; I step outside and
Look into the cerulean sky.

Clouds of drifting white, remembrance of the night, what came, what stirred, What made me think, listen, learn.

About myself and what I love, an unexpected storm to
Wake me from my dream.

A moment to stop and watch.
Waiting for the boom that follows flash.

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