A Quality to Embrace.

THE CLOTHES WE PUT ON OUR BACKS say something about us. It’s the moment where we decide how we want to be seen and what we want to represent to the world. What we wear is a way of communicating without saying a single word.

Style isn’t important to everybody. Some know what works for them and what they like, so they stick to it. To me, it’s something more. My style doesn’t define me. Rather it’s an aspect of my character, a slice of my soul that remains with me no matter what else is happening in life. Style is a form of art that has no definitive canvas, no boundaries to confide within and be held down. It’s an intersection of everything creative about this world — colors, patterns and textures, a display of their role in history and in the modern world.

It isn’t just the clothes that define our style. It’s how you wear those pieces and how they connect. I wear what I do not to fit into a trend, impress others or feel superior. It simply makes me feel like the most authentic version of me. Nobody can take that away, it’s something that I own.

The beauty of style isn’t about fitting in, nor about standing out. It’s the subtleties, the little things nobody else notices but you. This is where I derive so much joy. It’s the details that bear your heart, one’s past, our story. Style can show where you’ve been, or it might say nothing at all. Maybe it tells a narrative that only you wish to know.

If you want to change, change. If you want to break from the norm, embrace it. Don’t be afraid to be uniquely you, whomever that may be.

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