A Man in Japan — The Next Chapter Has Begun

I write this from my apartment in Osaka after nearly 24 hours of travel from door to door. I made it — I’m living in Japan.

I’m here because I never stopped believing I’d make it.

When I visited in 2019, my dream of being a travel writer had just begun to blossom.

The seeds of my dreams were nestled beneath the soil, waiting for some water, some inspiration, perhaps the right timing, to bloom.

Coming to Japan made me realize — yes, I want to live in another country. I want to spend my days exploring, writing, observing, and discovering who I am. I have what it takes. I can do this.

Right now, cultivating experiences is more important than stability or even certainty.

I’m here to teach English as my day job, yet writing and podcasting are the force which drive me forward.

I don’t know the exact steps of this path I’ve taken; but, just like what it took to get to Japan, I’ll take step after step after step to find out.

If there was a wrong time to decide to move to another country, it was the beginning of Covid. I waited and questioned feeling torn with uncertainty.

Should I continue to pursue this dream which might not work, or hunker down here for the long haul and chart another path?

I chose the former and can say with the entirety of my heart and soul that it was the right move. There were serious doubts, moments when I wanted to throw it all away.

But no matter how far I fell, I kept the faith. Without the love of my friends and family, perhaps I wouldn’t be here today. They helped me stay encouraged and inspired through it all. I met incredible people and opportunities opened up in the meantime which I never could have imagined, such as volunteering throughout Europe this summer.

The wait was worth it.

If you’re waiting on a dream, on an answer, on yourself, all I can say is have faith. Take step after step with your head held high.

Time passes faster than we can possibly imagine, and what tells me something important about myself is that I didn’t waste the time in purgatory, if you will, doing nothing.

I worked on other things and fully appreciated the chapter of uncertainty, while also maintaining faith that I’d make it here one day.

After three years, I have. You will get where you’re meant to go, too. Believe me; believe in yourself. Just keep going.

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