Soul at Rest

Skeleton with a drawn out bow, 

Aims down his sight,

Unknowing foe;

A thought that’s often stored away

Till Grim has taken our last day.


A question stored in stars and sky,

What’s our purpose, 

Reason why;

It takes a lifetime to uncover

Though only one day to discover.


We all dance to the song of fate,

Don’t get so down,

Just grab a date;

Cause this could be the final song

So live with fire, prove me wrong.


Our time on earth’s no guarantee,

Don’t take it lightly, 

Here’s the key;

Live every day with a full heart,

Your legacy, a lasting art.


’Cause any day could be the last,

So let it go, 

forget the past;

So when Grim’s arrow hits our chest,

We’ll sleep easy, 

Soul at rest.

  • fictionspawn Aak
    Posted at 03:48h, 30 October Reply

    Awesome poem. And good advice, too 🙂

    • Vincent Van Patten
      Posted at 06:40h, 30 October Reply

      Thank you! I really appreciate that. I was inspired by the idea of Momento Mori, the philosophical concept of being aware and ready for death. It makes every day a blessing, which it should be. Thanks for the comment, all the best!

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