Saturday Morning Cartoons

Remember that moment vividly.
6 am best friend’s house.
Laying lengthwise
On the couch,
Feet kicked over the edge.
Pokémon on.
Saturday morning cartoons.

I love the early mornings;
Now they mean clarity,
Stringing thoughts together
Like beads —
Forever love.

Sunny composition.
My room; clean bed &
Books on the shelf.
Plants cool air and

Neighbors water plants;
Pictures on the wall, hangin
Half shadowed; smiling friends.
Music and some pushups —
Coffee paper cup —
Cascading memories.
A kid in a hotel room,
My dad coming in early waking
My brother and me up
With paper cups of coffee.
He was there.

Making memories presently
To one day look back on and
When things seemed
Simple. I guess they are.
Life is good.

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