One People. One Heart. a Call for Unity


Our modern world is experiencing a seismic shift; nothing is normal, nothing is routine, and our everyday lives have been uprooted.

Right now must only be the beginning.

Change is happening at a rate where the information we decide to omit from our daily lives has become more essential than what we choose to let into our stream of consciousness.

Information is there when we want it as a means of connection.

Through that connection, our world has united and has called for a revolution. It’s the only way forward; this is just the beginning.

But there is also negativity continually surrounding us. Negativity seeks to separate our minds from our spirit and make us believe what everybody else does.

We must remain vigilant to let nothing infiltrate our inner citadel.

We must remain true to ourselves.

It is abhorrent to see injustice still occurring, and seeing American citizens like George Floyd not only being mistreated but having their lives taken because of the color of their skin.

To see people mistreated based on anything other than what’s in their hearts is archaic.

Those who judge others only judge themselves. They feel hatred in their hearts, and it’s sad. Their lives are seriously misunderstood, and they’ve turned to a life of exploiting their power.

More than these injustices taking place, it’s sickening to see innocent people hurt by looters and seeing businesses who were already on their last leg destroyed.

I believe there is undoubtedly right and wrong as a society, and taking from the defenseless isn’t the way forward.

The looters and the one destroying our cities perhaps don’t see any other way to bring about change.

They are lost, and we can only feel compassion for them.

The peaceful protesters, the ones spreading messages of love, of connection, and unity — this is who we truly are. We are one world, and it’s time we unite and act as one.

We are no longer striving but demanding a change for good, by decisively stepping into the age we call our own.

When we break through the veil of darkness and incessant noise, we see the beauty in humanity.

In the darkest times in history, there has always remained individuals who stood up to the evil, who courageously fortified their inner being to stand up for what is right.

What’s taking place is more powerful than religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. We are all human beings — as human beings, we’re demanding to live by a moral code of human rights.

To the billions of global citizens who are symbols of faith and hope — you are what the world needs.

There are amazing stories of officers uniting with protestors, who are using their influence to bring about justice.

The ones doing what’s right when the media isn’t watching, when the world is asleep — the ones who do what’s just because it’s in their heartsthese brave souls are the leaders of our modern society, and their stories should be at the forefront of every news cycle.

I will never know exactly how anybody else feels.

I haven’t lived their life. However, I believe each and every one of us maintains gifts to be a light in this world.

We must be forever grateful for what we’ve been given and live to spread our light.

We must live to serve humanity.

Each of us can be an example as a part of this change — not by devaluing those who aren’t strong enough to speak, who may be confused and overwhelmed— but by being open and accepting of all voices.

It isn’t enough to care for ourselves; our planet has become too small to care only of the individual.

It starts with small actions every single day.

We only need to study nature to understand how a global phenomenon takes place; like a jet stream of cold air taken from one side of the globe to the other, our effort to do what’s right from the recesses of our being has a global impact.

The world is coming together, recognizing that we, the entire planet, are all in this together. The human spirit adapts and overcomes evil. It always has, and it will overcome now.

When we listen to nothing but our soul, when we remain individual and don’t lose ourselves amongst the noise, the truth shines through.

It takes courage to remain oneself, to fight for what we believe.

We are human beings — all of us.

Our hearts are what connect us; that is the only thing that matters. We must be courageous. We must stand united.

One people. One heart. One world.

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