On That Day, I Met Somebody New

Initially I’m reticent to tell all I withhold,

The inner workings of my mind not wanting to unfold.

It’s taken time to build this wall containing who I am,

I work to keep its structure strong in any way I can.

But then a stone or pebble falls and crumbles to the floor,

I met somebody new today, you’ve opened up the door.

Behind your warmth of upturned lips, so beautiful and dear,

Sleeps lies and truths, a soul persisting, resolute and clear.

It’s hard for me to simply share the world I’ve come to know,

Within my heart I long to lead you, easier to show.

With words thought out and set in ink I hope that I can say,

The thoughts that filter through the wall,

I’ve built to keep at bay,

All that which makes me truly me is forced to stay inside,

My heart and soul which must now speak, no longer can I hide.

Break down this wall to reach the heart,

Which pounds beneath my bones,

It only takes a single question, a solitary stone.

I thought I didn’t know you yet, your spirit new to me,

But once the fallen stones clear out I’m now able to see,

That I have known you all along, I know what makes you, you,

No longer walls obstruct the way,

I hope you see me too.

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