Life In Waves

Felt defeated,
Though recently conceited,
Joyful then remorseful
For my human flaws repeated;
Ride easy kid
Tides’ll rise
You’ll soon again feel on top
Why am I surprised,
We rise in the flow
As quickly as we fall,
Wisdom gleaned from winter throes
Grateful for it all.

Now floating in the
Summer waves
Is the future fated
Might as well enjoy the rays
Soul’s capitulated;
Looking for myself
Do I wanna find myself
Find the letter i
In the eyes of someone else;
Cause even if I hurt, even if I cry,
The thing which makes this
Life worth living
Is our will to try.

Sunshine burns
Midsummer afternoon,
I feel the sun completely
Heart sings a brighter tune
Cause it’s all I really need,
A sunny day
To be okay
Got it all,
Got it all
Got it all.

Sunlight fading
Purple sky summer’s tell
Colors shimmer
Moon’s waitin’
Like for the high school bell
We fall, and break,
Yet use, and take
What we’ve learned
Life erupts I
Come alive
As moonlight burns,
Understand this thing
Called I
Is never really found
But I think we’re better off
Looking up
Than looking down

I feel you, I see you,
Know you that much
Better; what crazy games
We play just to feel a
Change in weather.

When I’m done
Heart and soul as one
Buried in the stars
And the midsummer sun;
We’ll float together through
Life in waves.

Click here for poem sung by the author
Click here for poem sung by the author
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