Leaves Above

Healthy and green against the crisp blue sky.
The leaves hang delicately, as if by a thread; a gust of wind makes them
fall and tumble through the air.
I stand below, energy moving,
listening to their sounds.

With outward ease and inner strength, I place a foot delicately upon a
crunchy leaf; it makes a subtle noise.
Qigong — energy contained moves through the body.
I feel each fiber as it strengthens. A lift of the finger shifts everything.
Vitality, the energy of life.
Time slows and it quickens through our perception of the moment.

It slows as our energy slows.
Graceful movements, with greater purpose.

What does it mean to live a joyful existence?
The sweet smell of the trees pervades the air that
blows through each blade of grass.
The sunlight warms my skin and heals my soul.

An ancient practice
offers new life to tired bones.

An ancient force,
scattered trees to walk amongst,
a connection to the source.

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