Hanging in the sky,
It always comes back to this
The orange light
As if looking at another world
Like a punch in the face
Wake the fuck up

Again and again
Dreaming about the
Same old things
That feeling in the body where
It’s impossible to move
That pain in your
Chest that aches
For something you can
Never have
Waking from one dream and
Sleeping in

Faster it beats
The rhythm of the song
Faster it beats
The heart when the eyes move
Faster it beats
Chances missed never the next
The moments

It always comes back to this
The body shivers when alone
Never, been in this
Time and space,
Never, knew you could
Run this far.
Never, cried for the first time.

Melting are the fears,
When the sky hangs there
Gently I wake,
The dream is over.

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